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SHIFVT is a connections marketplace, a facilitator revolutionising how we connect in this digital world. We are passionate about enhancing and forming friendships and true connections based on compatibility analysis.  Are you new to town and looking to meet new people and form new friendships then this is the place for you? The team at Shifvt are bringing back interactions to uniquely make our moments matter, connecting over topics of interest whilst sharing fun filled experiences together.

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Join the gravitation and surround yourself with compatible and like minded people and interests alike. Bring back the fun & excitement of creating true connections, face to face.

This social platform is for you if you are:

* Traveling or new to town

* Looking to meet people nearby

* Spontaneously find a buddy for that concert you have a spare ticket for

   or grab that hit of tennis, golf see a movie etc with others local to you

* Looking for new friendships and social fun.

* Organised events for existing groups

* Fun filled community events and interactions.

* Interested in online interactions and chat functions

Introducing your very own CUSTOMED social planner.


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