5 Practices to Incorporate into Everyday | Increase your Self-Confidence

Do you find it hard to put yourself out there to meet new people because of your self-confidence? You aren’t alone! We have all been there, and have all struggled to find our tribe when you have had a knock to our self-confidence. The thing about self-confidence is that it isn’t just a switch you can flip and you’re now a more outgoing & courageous person. There are lots of things that affect our self-confidence and it can fluctuate depending on what is going on in your life, your previous experiences and your nature.

That is why incorporating these practices to continue to fuel your self-confidence is important.

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1. Get to know yourself

This one really brings it back to basics, but unless you are continuously sitting with yourself and your own thoughts and feelings, it might be difficult to truly feel content with who you are. This can be done in many different ways, from disconnecting digitally with the outside world & turning your phone off, to having a meditation practice everyday, writing down your feelings or even just going for a walk in nature to let your mind quiet.

2. Be grateful

This isn’t a new one, but practicing gratitude can seriously change the way you feel & think about yourself. What are the things that you have in your daily life that you forget to be grateful for, who are the people that truly add value to your life, what are you doing that you’re excited about? Reflect on the beautiful things in your life regularly & your whole point of view will shift.

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3. Get active

We are sure you know the feeling you get after going to that killer cycle class or after a hike with your friends, but getting physically active is a great way to boost your mood & make you feel more like the kick-ass human we know you are. So how will you be getting active now?

4. Focus on solutions

Problems pop up in our day to day life all the time. But how do you actually manage these problems? If you’re someone who finds yourself focusing on the actual issues that it presents, you may feel like your self-confidence & happiness is taking a hit. Rather, try and make a conscious choice to focus on the solutions. Once this becomes a habit & happens naturally, you will find that you can tackle any problem with ease, simply by focusing on the solution! You’ll be amazed at how much this can affect your self-confidence, because life isn’t just a storm of things happening to you without having any control anymore.

5. Kill the negative self talk

We have all been there, and although it may seem harmless, continual negative self talk can really affect the way we think about ourselves & how we then present ourselves in public. Try and focus on every time you are talking to yourself in a negative & non helpful way, change your language. It is a small change, that takes time to become natural, but will have a significant & profound change on your self-confidence. 

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Karyn Simpson