6 Ways To Ramp Up Your Social Life

Are you frustrated or board and wondering where to connect with more people on a deeper level? Here are our 6 suggestions to get you out there. 

    1.    Explore new activities
Starting a new hobby, activity or learning a new skill, are all things that encourage personal growth. At the same time you are opening yourself up to new and exciting opportunities to be with people that you previously would have not been. This is a great place to meet people with similar interests.

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2. Try something that scares you
Get out of the routine of your day to day life, by trying something that puts you outside your comfort zone. Routine is something that we often fall into and it means that we are constantly interacting with the same people. Putting yourself out there and trying something completely against your natural inclinations means that you are pulled out of your routine and into a mind space that will encourage you to notice or meet new people. 

3. Try talking to strangers throughout your day.
Throughout a day we are in many situations where we are talking to strangers, but never really have to form a connection. Whether it’s the same barista every morning or the same place you order lunch. These are situations where simply asking what they are doing after work or being interested in their story, can go a long way. Trying to have meaningful conversations throughout the day is an amazing way to learn and see everyone more clearly. 

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4. Compliment someone
There is nothing better than when someone gives you a small but meaningful compliment, but even so we often don’t do it often enough. Making it a habit to spread love and happiness through a lovely compliment is a sure fire way to start a conversation that could lead to a deeper connection.

5. Be vulnerable
There is such strength in vulnerability, simply by opening up, removing unrealistic facades and being the real. Being vulnerable will open you up to amazing experiences and attract the right people into your life, the people that then deserve to be there.

6. Enjoy your alone time too.
Potentially this feels counter intuitive, but being able to be alone, is a really important skill to have. When you are truly content and embrace your own company you will be far more confident and available for others in your day to day life. This simply won’t happen if you are always chasing other peoples company so enjoy your own time and others will be drawn to that.

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Karyn Simpson