A Note From Our Founder

It was this time 5 years ago that I relocated from the country to the city, grounding myself in Docklands. Upon arriving I thought I had to adjust, having come from a place where it was normal to chat to everyone and say ‘hello’. It felt natural for me to acknowledge someone and wish them a good day. I initially took it personal when I felt ignored at the start. I told myself that things were done differently in a big city and that I would need to refrain from wanting to talk and just leave people be. That didn’t last long, it wasn’t in my nature and something I wasn’t willing to change.  What I discovered is that if I had closed off or shut down from interacting, I could have missed out on some of the most amazing people to enter my life. I have many stories yet here are just a couple that show special people do turn up when we allow the chance.

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It was one long exhausting week, and I was getting home late from work on a Friday night. I was heading up to the 14th floor of my apartment building when a woman got into the elevator with me. I remember feeling a little intimidated - she was dress impeccably and was someone that everyone would look and think, “wow your really on top of life.” When she pressed level 14, we both immediately registered that we were neighbours. We introduced ourselves and neither of us thought twice about shying away from the introductions. In a few minutes we had exchanged business cards and had decided to meet for a coffee over the weekend. At that time I am sure we wanted to just get to know each other, living so close but what we didn’t know was that we would end up being the closest of friends. I consider her one of the biggest blessings life has brought me.  

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I don’t believe this to just be a chance encounter. My new found friend has been that one person in my life that has taught me so much and has really influenced personal nurturing, awareness, self belief, visualising my dreams and goals and so much more. I look back and I’m thankful that we both simply took that leap of faith in simply chatting.  

For my business Shifvt, I recently hosted a NYE Party. Like with most events the lead up was overwhelming, with a huge to-do list and and a quickly approaching event date. I was under pressure, mainly due to the fact that I wanted everything to be perfect, especially being the first event. Things weren’t going to plan and I had someone pull out on me last minute with the lighting hire. To cut a long story short, I got a call from a guy Ben on the morning of the event. I felt like he really did ride in on a white horse to save the day. From the first conversation he made it clear he was there to help and appease me instantly.  He didn’t even know until the night before that he was expected to work NYE and he still went out of his way to deliver above and beyond. As the end of the day was nearing and I knew I needed to race out of there, as I was running late, yet despite that I was so thankful for his help and there was something drawing me to chat with him.

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As it turns out the lighting gig was Ben’s part time job. He has been studying business and computer engineering, so that one day he could launch his own business that has a lot of similarities to Shifvt. Now, this is all getting to a point, what you don’t know is that I have been looking everywhere, in all the obvious tech places, for someone with this experience, passion, work ethic and most importantly skills to bring on in the business. It’s proven so hard to find the right fit for the team.  Yet In the most unexpected encounters I have managed to find that person in Ben. Not only because he showed me he cared about me as a customer but I was curious about what made him so different to really care I was happy and I followed my intuition knowing there was more than meets the eye.


In saying all of this, I am guilty of not looking up all the time too.  Life can get busy and if we are not on the run, we looking down at our phones constantly. I guess my question is are we missing out on a lot of opportunities placed in front of us without even realising it? So I put this to you to consider stepping outside you routine, look up with wander and say "Whom I going to meet today"?

Karyn Simpson