7 Frustrations of Modern Communication

It is undeniable, dating has certainly changed. With the introduction and advancement of technology there has been a shift in how we meet people, interact  and maintain relationships. Things aren’t as simple as it used to be. There is now social media, dating websites & apps as well as that overwhelming expectation to be contactable most of the time. These have created a dating environment where technology has consumed what used to be a natural and intimate part of one’s life. 

In reality, what does dating in 2017 look like? Our findings is that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  Has all the fun been taken out of the lead up and excitement of dating and potential relationships?

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Here is what we consider some downfall of dating in 2017. Interested in improving the dating environment? Tell us your thoughts.  What would you like to see change when it comes to meeting someone?

Check out our top 7 flaws to modern dating in 2017.

    1.    Fake Profiles
If you’ve done ANY online dating you would have come across this one. This can manifest itself in many different forms. Through photos, text or simply the BS they chat about, there are always going to be people who are not actually who they say they are and even a few that don’t want to meet in a public forum.

    2.    Pen Pal’s?
If you’re like us, we like to chat briefly to get a bit of a feel for what someone is like and then set up the date. We aren’t interested in this lasting more than a few days. It should be easy, right? Wrong. I find some people talk the talk and never walk the walk.  Whilst it can kill some boredom, being a pen pal simply doesn’t cut it.

    3.    Surprise Profiles
You’ve had a bit of a chat with someone you think is a bit of a spunk, you’ve planned a date and they are NOTHING like they suggested. Whether they just look different from their profile, or they drop major truths on your first date, there could potentially be lots of surprises when dabbling in online dating.

    4.    What Actually Are The Differences?
Is it just us or do you also feel that most online dating sites have that same feel? They generally have profiles, location settings, matches and chat features, yet just carry a different logo and a new way to swipe. 

    5.    Room for Misinterpretation.
We all know that trying to convey sarcasm, humor or flirt over text is difficult and misinterpretations are almost guaranteed. For example, whilst someone could be trying to woo with humour the receiver could be getting the complete wrong idea all together. The sooner you can meet a person or have a chat over the phone the better you will get to know someone. 

       6. Too Many Advertisements. 
More and more ads are showing up on online dating sites. We understand these business have to make money to stay in the game, that’s a given. However, do we really want to see them come up on every feature of the app, especially under matching pages.

       7.  Taking up a lot of time
 It takes a very patient person to sort through potential matches.  More times than not we can often walk away from dates feeling let down for various reasons, mainly due to reality falling short of expectations. Isn’t it time we got back to old fashioned fun and ways of socialising?  We know that some of the best relationships are people whom have formed connections first whether it be through friends, sports. work etc.  What if we were to get the right compatible people together in the right space?? At least we would know straight up if there is an attraction through proper face to face interaction.

We want to hear what you think, and if you’ve got any dating stories. Have you found great mates, dates or relationships recently?  Don’t forget to tag a friend who understands the struggle of online dating, or has a great IRL dating story.

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Karyn Simpson