Are we phasing out f2f interactions?!?

Is it just us or has everyone just stopped relying on face-to-face interactions? We have become so attached to our phones, computers and tablets that we have stopped interacting with our physical world. If we are bored, in transit, at work, eating, waiting, watching tv or before we go to bed, we are connected to an online world. Simply through the transition from the physical to the electronic world we have stopped the communication skills we intrinsically need.

The problem is that there is only a limited amount of our time and concentration that we can use to create connections. There is a point for all of us where we need to sleep and recharge. But if we are talking to lots of different people online, it limits the resources we have to engage with people in our day to day life. By having 10’s or 100’s of connections through our phones or computers we are therefore diluting the deepness and impact that they have.

We portray and edit what we want people to see and present an image of ourselves whether it be real of not. The lack of depth to true conversations means that you can’t truly engage with someone and understand who they are rather than what picture they paint. A true connection is deeper than just the surface, and we are excited to help create those meaningful relationship between people.

Why our choice of imbalance in Communications is Failing us?

1. Growing up on Technology

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With technology fulfilling much of the need for everyday communications skills, are the generations growing up on technology heading down a dangerous path?  Studies have shown the average teen now spends 9 hours a day online.  With many benefits and requirements for online use, we can justify the need to spend time online. Will this come at a cost in time, resulting in our future generations not knowing how to communicate in the workforce or when it comes to friendships or relationships.  Science research and futuristic predictions suggest we are heading down a path of linliness set to become as big a problem as obesity in the Western world by 2030.

2.   We Can Erase

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Whether we are emailing, texting or posting on social media we can craft exactly what we say, editing and erasing if we want. Even our pictures are filter to look just right. Don’t get us wrong, we are the first to admit that a filter can really finish off a selfie, but does all this put the pressure on us to look perfect at all times? In the real word of face to face communication, aren't our conversations, including mistakes being the things that intrigue us about someone whilst creating relatability because non of us are perfect? When we are ourselves, it is then we can form true meaningful connections that are lasting.

3.     Our Voice Can be Amplified

Just Imagine for a minute, if we all lived in a world where we could go up to anyone on the a street, park, shopping centre, or in a bar and say exactly what we think of them based on a brief moment when we formed a judgement. Even if we are upsetting them, it would feel ok because we feel better expressing our opinions. In our real world, very few may actually conduct themselves like this, but online a large majority feel it is appropriate because they are sitting behind a screen, the blanket of virtual reality & disconnection from what is considered acceptable in actual reality.

4.   7 Elements of What Happens With Face to Face Communications

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Studies have shown there is 7 stimulants required that assist in face to face interactions:

  • Eye contact
  • Tone of voice
  • Posture of person
  • Gestures
  • Timing of what they do
  • Intensity of how we respond
  • Facial expressions

These are the things that help us create true connections. They are all elements that texting, emailing or social media is lacking. At Shifvt we believe in balance between the online world and the physical world. There is space for both, and we have created a way to combine the two.

We are the social hub for community engagement.  Shifvt will get to know you online and then generate recommendations for you to socialise at live events, communicating with others like you, based on similar interests. Come join the gravitation that is creating depth in your relationships. Try something new, make the Shifvt.

Karyn Simpson